Digital marketing stands out as a discrete discipline for its precise measurement and visible ROI. At Austin & Williams, six pillars serve as the foundation for our agency’s unique approach to maximizing ROI of online communications:

  • Budgets that work harder, driving efficiencies in every digital advertising campaign per market, per media and per tactic. And by buying on a cost-per-click basis, there’s no wasted spend.
  • Enhanced targeting for improved performance. We precisely reach and influence prospects at every point along their brand consideration and adoption path by targeting geographically, demographically, attitudinally, behaviorally and contextually.
  • A rich mix of digital tactics including search engine optimization, paid search, display, remarketing, mobile, geofencing, streaming video and streaming audio.
  • Real-time control for real-time optimization. We keep all digital strategy and campaign management in-house so we can make smart and fast program changes that save money and yield the strongest results.
  • Finger on the digital pulse of emerging trends. We constantly explore innovations in media, technology and creativity for our clients’ competitive advantage.

Experience the difference our digital marketing approach can make to your ROI.



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