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Austin & Williams Announces New Hires and Staff Promotions

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New MAFCU website brings in the accolades – and the visitors.

October 2011

Most good web development agencies can build a site that's attractive and relatively easy to navigate. But building one that earns accolades from the client, kudos from employees—and drives over one-third more organic traffic than its predecessor within the first 30 days—that's an outstanding success by any measure.

It's also exactly what Austin & Williams recently accomplished with client Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union (MAFCU).

"I couldn't imagine having a better partner than Austin & Williams to help us complete this very daunting task," said Marc Wilensky, Vice President of Marketing for the Maryland financial institution, which serves consumers and businesses in Montgomery County.


The site – which has a contemporary look and feel, yet captures the personal, deep connection MAFCU has with its local community – launched in September to rave reviews.

"When we unveiled the site to the staff, they loved it. In fact, just about everyone I have shown it to or have gotten feedback from has loved it," Wilensky continues.  "A&W encompassed everything we wanted to convey on our site and I'm excited for our members and prospective members to utilize it." Prospective members began finding – and using – the site just about right away, thanks to the agency's proven search engine strategy. Initial analytics show that search engines drove in more than 15,000 visitors within the first 30 days – a 35% increase in organic traffic.

The agency, which specializes in financial services marketing, has generated equally impressive results for MAFCU with its traditional direct marketing strategies as well: an auto loan program A&W implemented earlier this year increased applications over 300%.

"It takes a lot to exceed expectations, but Austin & Williams clearly has," Wilensky concludes.