An Expanding Media Universe

By Elaina Beato

More and more, we have clients asking, “Isn’t TV dead? Shouldn’t I be moving my media dollars elsewhere? Is this medium still an effective place to advertise?” The short answer: no, yes, but there’s more. Let’s set the record straight.

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Results of the Super Bowl Ad Panel – Junior Division

By Ken Auld

Finally, Super Bowl Sunday! Our junior panelists were getting excited about the task at hand: Offering their opinions on the newest rounds of Super Bowl commercials. Just a reminder: Our panel consisted of 11-year-old Annabelle, 10-year-old Jack, 7-year-old Meghan and 3-year-old Brendan. My wife, Mary, and I would be acting as sounding boards and occasionally tossing in our own two cents.

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Super Bowl Ads: Mostly a Miss

By Elizabeth Pontillo

When I think back to the Super Bowl ads of my youth – Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing “horse” for McDonald’s, the Budweiser Bullfrogs, or more recently, the “Here We Go” ad from 2012 – I remember thinking those were instant classics, and I wanted to see them again immediately. Did I get the same impression after Sunday’s Super Bowl? Not really.


Meet Your Super Bowl Ad Panelists – Junior Division

By Ken Auld

I love the Super Bowl. To me, a full day dedicated to professional football while cramming various salted snacks in various shapes down my gullet is the closest thing to a perfect day. Of course over the years my method of watching the game has changed. Instead of sitting around a small television in a cramped apartment with six other guys fighting over the last imported beer, I’m in the comfort of my den watching it on high-def while battling my four kids over the last mozzarella stick. That’s a battle I usually win because, let’s face it, I’m bigger than they are (for now).


Google Glass Fantasy Apps

By Robert Harrison

Google Glass is a new Internet device you wear like a pair of glasses. It posts visual data in your view that only you can see, not dissimilar from the head-up display in a military fighter jet. From all accounts, most reviewers are saying this is “not quite ready for prime time,” but I’m sure it soon will be.

So, let’s work under the assumptions that it does work, can be disguised to look like regular glasses, provides private visual cues, takes voice commands and has a built in camera. This all may not be true yet, but it will be.